Friday, September 18, 2015

Apothik Food Truck Part III

The other day, WCG just happened to be parking across the street from the food truck and took a look at their menu. They have cut their menu way, way down from the one they had when they first started out. In fact, for lunch at least that day, they only had about 3 or 4 items.

It seems like they have adopted the strategy of offering gourmet or slightly exotic twists on what seems familiar to people in small-town La Crosse. Most people know ramen, from the instant stuff, for example, so they offer a higher end version that seems to be the only constant on their lunch/dinner menu. Never mind the fact that at $10 it is over twice the price of a good bowl of ramen anywhere in Japan....

In any case, WCG took a look at their menu that day out of curiosity, and one of those twist on the familiar items looked good - "grilled cheese," with blue cheese, prosciutto, and pear.
It was pretty damned good. The combination of savory cheese and Italian ham on the one hand and what was a sort of cooked pear or pear preserve on the other was delicious. At $7.50 it was not very overpriced either. Funny thing is, this good sandwich is not even listed on their most recent online menu, which reads as follows: