Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rudy's Drive In

West Coast Guy (WCG) just went to Rudy's Drive In in La Crosse. It's one of those apparently La Crosse (and Sparta, WI, where apparently, there's another one) only kinds of things, like the Rivoli theater, where one can watch newly released films while eating pizza and having the beverage of one's choice (looks like they have pretty much a full bar). WCG likes the root beer and the Thai shrimp pizza best.

Rudy's is a drive in like from the 1950s, complete with girls on roller skates taking orders from cars.

Notice the embroidered poodle on her skirt
One weird thing (but not weird in whacky La Crosse) is that the place closes through the winter months, opening only in late spring and closing in early fall.

I have had their fish sandwiches before, as well as their pork chop sandwich. Both were good. WCG's friend Professor π likes their fish sandwich, but not their fish dinner for some reason. A couple weeks ago, WCG had their turkey burger, and it was quite good. WCG was very much looking forward to trying their buffalo burger today, but it was a disappointment. The patty was pretty much tasteless. WCG also had onion rings, and they were "nothing to write home about."

Oh well. Next time, WCG eats out, it will probably be Hmongs, and there will probably be a post about it.
Buffalo Burger

View of Rudy's sign looking west down La Crosse Avenue, towards the muddy Mississippi